1. We love what we do!  Taking care of all kinds of pools and spas - big and small - is very cool for us!  Here’s what we do when we service your pool or spa.

Terms of Service

Our scope of duty is ‘”coping to coping” for your pool and/or spa.  We will provide service to your pool/spa as per the chart below:  

  1. Unless otherwise stated, service does not include: specialty chemicals; replacement parts; chlorine tablets; repairs of equipment; or filter cleaning.  These items are billed separately.  Filter cleans are recommended every 6 months and we will send a postcard to notify you prior to servicing your filter. 


  3. Service techs do not add water to pools for liability reasons.  If your pool water level is getting low, your tech will leave you a ‘door hanger’ to notify you to add water.


  5. Please note that your monthly service price includes regular service, even in 5-week months, except for the Thanksgiving holiday and the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day when service is not provided.   If your service day falls on any other national holiday, service will be provided within the two business days preceding or following your regular service day. If your regular service day falls on a heavy rain/storm day, service will be provided as soon after the storm as feasible.  On light-to-moderate rain days your technician will provide modified service to your pool as conditions allow.

  6. Due to illness or other scheduling issues, we may occasionally send a different technician to service your pool/spa.  We will notify you if there is ever a permanent change made.

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